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Patrick Paul: The Spirit of Healing, Wellness, and Empowerment
Patrick Paul: Facilitating self-empowerment

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Patrick's Story

Patrick Paul, M.A., LISAC, CDP, NCACII, is an internationally recognized educator, facilitator, program designer, and developer, and author specializing in the art of holistic human personal/professional development in the behavioral health profession. Patrick has over 30 years experience in the field and is uniquely qualified to provide consultation services for tribal organizations and colleges.

Born in Cranbrook, B.C., encountered family alcoholism at an early age, therefore, he learned how to live in an environment of alcoholism and violence.

By the age of 10 Patrick's parent's separated, and Patrick went with his mother to Vancouver, B.C. It wasn’t long before he was placed in a foster home. Patrick lived in this foster home until he reached the age of 15, then he ran away. On his own now he secured small jobs and begin to drink, was alcoholic from the first drink. By the age of 18 he was sent to prison for breaking and entering and received 2 years for this. After he served his time he found the streets of Vancouver. He lived or survived on the streets of different cities throughout his 18 years living the life of a practicing addict. Around the end of 1973, Patrick found sobriety, and since then it's been a life of working for the people.

Patrick is a descendant of the Ktunaxa and Cree Nations and today Patrick practices the Native traditional spirituals ways through ceremonies, sweats, and sundance and is an eternal student of these ways. He believes that the Native people in their healing of multi-generational trauma and addiction must begin to learn and practice the traditional ways and respect themselves as First Nations Native people.

It's a balance of living in two worlds, the Native Traditional world and the contemporary world, we as First Nations people must learn how to live in these two worlds, first by beginning to know who we are as Native people.

Patrick's story is not unique, many of the First Nation's Native people have been lost through multi-generational trauma and addiction, and it's time to bring ourselves together and begin the healing process.

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